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Jenny + Troy Wedding | February 28, 2018


First of all, I got so lucky with these two! Later last year, I found myself waiting outside Ponce Inlet for their engagement shoot. At that time, we hadn't met in person. Every time a couple walked in my direction and made eye contact, I would say, "Jenny? Troy?" Every time it wasn't a match. During sunset, Ponce is a popular spot for couples engagement sessions! Finally, a couple approached me and said, "Jenn?" I was like, "YASSSS!" But in my head I was thinking, WOW, how did I get this lucky? Jenny and Troy if you don't already know, are THE CUTEST couple, and they both look like models! Literally, the model couple. As beautiful as someone can be on the outside, it doesn't matter if they aren't the same inside. Within seconds of meeting these two, I knew they were special. They were fun, they were a little nervous, and they brought beer! They have a wonderful and spectacular connection together, and I could tell they were, and are, so in love. I couldn't wait for their wedding day which would be just a couple of months later.

The Salty Mermaid is this quaint little hotel nestled right between the beach and Flagler Avenue. It features adorable little rooms, and a wonderful backdrop for a wedding: the beach. The weather was perfect and Jenny walked down the aisle toward her soon-to-be husband right during sunset. I'm pretty sure one of the sweetest moments I've ever photographed was right after Jenny and Troy took hands at the alter, that she looked right at the photograph of her late Father on the chair in the front row. It brought tears to my eyes, as did the rest of the ceremony. 

The rest of their evening was so much fun to capture! Their families are as exciting and happy as they are, and to see everyone up and dancing the whole night was a treat. The evening, after a grand sparkler exit, led guests down some steps to the sandy beach for a bonfire, which was where my assistant Daniella and I left them to their party!

Thank you so much for allowing us the pleasure of being a part of your wedding day!



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Lori & Fredrik Wedding | Jenn Ross Photography | Luleå, Sweden Lori och Fredrik Bröllop

19, August 2017

Luleå, Sweden


I am lucky to say this is not the first wedding I have photographed in Sweden, but my second! The first was from researching photographers in Göteborg, in hopes of working there one day myself, and finding a wonderful photographer named Oskar Allerby (Hej! Du är underbart! Tack för arbetet!) The second wedding however, is special in many ways. Well for one: the bride is my cousin! Her husband? The man she herself as well as friends and family the world over lovingly called "The Boyfriend" for many years, going all the way back to ten years ago in San Francisco. I had the pleasure of meeting Fredrik when they both lived in California and I instantly knew he was special. It would take a man like this humble Swede to nail down a woman like Lori Astrid! Having Swedish roots herself, I can see why she fell in love with Fredrik. She soon followed him to the most wonderful place in the world, Sweden. During this time, this yoga-teaching-neonatologist-multilingual badass established herself in a foreign country, and not without difficulty. I visited these two many times over the years: when it was cold, dark and miserable and when it was sunny, warm and delightful. I had seen her struggle with Swedish, then struggle with NURSING in Swedish, but there was one thing about her: SHE NEVER QUIT. She spent so much time away from her family to create a life on the other side of the world with the man I'm pretty sure we all knew would one day be her husband! Hard work pays off, her Swedish became fluent, she has nurtured many loving friendships with some incredible women and even has her own yoga business teaching pre-natal yoga to soon-to-be mothers! I mean, is there anything these two can't do? I haven't even mentioned yet that Fredrik is an engineer and a Professor at Chalmers University in Göteborg. Seriously, if you look up power couple in the dictionary, it would be Lori and Fredrik. 


Their wedding took place in Luleå, in the far north of Sweden, where Fredrik and his family are from and many still live. His parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece and nephews have all become friends of mine, and we love them! We've gone bowling, had many delicious dinners out, hung out on the farm and called the sheep for dinner. They even patiently teach me Swedish, and it's going okay! Lori and Fredrik married in the old church town, or Gammelstads kyrkstad, in a 15th century chapel called Nederluleå Kyrka. This is the same church in which his entire family has married. It is part of the World Heritage site with more than 400 tiny cottages that belong to many families that are passed down through generations. We were even given a tour as part of the wedding the day prior!


The wedding was so special, and in Swedish, but it didn't matter to us, it was still beautiful! Their reception was downtown and their friends were in total from over ten countries! There were so many wonderful speeches, and slideshows and beautiful music by Signe, our friend's lovely and talented daughter. We drank, laughed, danced and shared a day so special that the photos don't really do it justice. But you can take a look for yourself below, I hope you enjoy!



A special thanks to Marcus & Jörgen for being kickass Toastmasters, Therése and Maria for the bachelorette party, Barbro and Bertil for hosting us in their farmhouse, Uncle Sonny for the toast via video for Lori, and Aunt Elaine and my sister Diana for flying together with me so Lori could have some NSB love at the wedding!

Tusen tack till min kära kusin Lori och min ny bror, Fredrik! Jag älskar dig, så jättemycket för tillåta mig att fotograf din bröllop! Grattis!

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Jules & Doug Wedding | Jenn Ross Photography | Port Orange, Florida Jules & Doug Wedding


Port Orange, Florida


Jules and Doug married on the 16th of September, not long after Hurricane Irma blew over the entire state and left us without power for days and much debris to clean up. These two battled with late suit arrivals, dress changes and many other difficulties due to the natural disaster. However, that didn't stop the two lovebirds as the show must go on! I had such fun day with Jules and Doug, they are friends of my family and we met at my cousin's wedding earlier this year. Everyone from the children of the bride and groom to the animals had a relaxing day, an unintentionally funny ceremony (you had to be there) and a fun reception complete with dancing, delicious food and an awesome DJ! Look below to check out some of my favorite images from the day!




Thank you for visiting the blog, I hope you enjoyed the photos! A full gallery will be coming soon, but in the meantime, share with friends and family!

Leave the Newlyweds your congratulations and well wishes in the comment section below!


Thank you!

Jenn Ross Photography

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Chip & Terry Wedding | Salty Mermaid, New Smyrna Beach | Jenn Ross Photography  

The Salty Mermaid sits right on the beach in New Smyrna, and while the sun sets behind the bride and groom, and their guests look at them next to the ocean, well, you couldn't ask for a more perfect moment! This was exactly how Chip and Terry's wedding was this past Saturday.

I've known most of this family for a while, so it was such a pleasure to spend their special day with them photographing! Take a peek below to see some of my favorites, and share with friends and family! Don't forget to wish the newlyweds congratulations!




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Suwannee Springfest | The Brandi Carlile experience by Jenn Ross Photography Suwannee's 20th Annual Springfest

Brandi Carlile & the Twins 

Brandi Springfest WM-31Brandi Springfest WM-31 ‚Äč

Brandi Carlile isn't someone you can force on people. You can't come on too strong and scare them away. You have to let them discover her on their own, in their own time and at their own pace.
You see for me, Brandi was the deep end of a musical ocean with no bottom. I kept searching for sand or rocks or anything that would show me I've found the end and nothing else could surprise me. What I didn't know was that first song I heard of hers—a tip of my toe to test the waters if you will—made me not care how cold or deep that ocean was, I just dove right in.
Not everyone is at that level as a music fan. I am not even at that level of total consumption with all the artists whom I adore. That though, is the incredible thing about a music festival; especially an intimate one such as Springfest. Let me also take a moment to congratulate the people behind the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park and everyone involved for a spectacular twentieth! Getting back to Brandi, Springfest's crowd brought people from all ends of the Carlile spectrum to that ampitheatre: the first timers, the "Story" people, the die hards that know her daughters name, to the people who absolutely love all kinds of music but maybe just wanted a good seat for Railroad Earth—and no offense to anyone who is in any stage of a Brandi Carlile experience! But that, I have realized, is what it takes to turn a person onto this kind of brilliance and storytelling and songwriting.
You can't make people listen. They have to BE there. They have to see her and the twins just come alive on stage. They have to see them connect together, and smile and laugh and tell stories. I've never seen three happier people on a stage. It's these moments too I love most, seeing people's faces turn the moment they've realized they can never go back to not knowing. The next show they're going to know all the words.
Brandi Springfest WM-25Brandi Springfest WM-25 Brandi Springfest WM-20Brandi Springfest WM-20
A few songs into their set Brandi already won over the crowd by complimenting the magical woods that is the Spirit of the Suwannee. By their next slow tune, as I was standing stage right looking at their backs and into the crowd, I heard someone crying behind me. I turned around and this girl just looks at me and said, "I just can't stop now that I've started." Now there could have been several reasons why she was crying, but I just looked at her and I said, "I know." 
Brandi Springfest WM-24Brandi Springfest WM-24
By this point she'd made mention of her embarrassing story of being "John Prine'D" (can we please make that a thing?) once and that she was sad they'd be leaving in the morning to head home. Essentially, my near frenzied excitement at the thought of Brandi joining John on stage the following evening was shot down. The moment had come where I had already taken my photos and decided to head out into the crowd and really get into the show. It's a fine line, being a photographer and a fan.
I nestled my way as close to the front as possible, all the while keeping my camera on just in case. With me came an unsuspecting victim whom I preceded to tell repeatedly backstage, "You HAVE to see her!" I felt slightly bad until I saw how quickly he'd concluded perhaps I didn't oversell the power of their performance.
Brandi Springfest WM-5Brandi Springfest WM-5
One of the things that Brandi crafts so well into her songs is storytelling, and every time I've ever seen her she has a new hilarious story to tell us. She's so personal, it's as if she's talking to a bunch of lifelong friends. I haven't found it online just yet, but even though she claimed to be self-conscious about her speaking voice, I really hope someone captured that "Mamaaaaaah!!" story. In short, her wife is the soft spoken one and Brandi is obviously the loud mouth of the family. She was explaining that her daughter has now learned to get their attention in different ways which ends up with a soft "Momma" and then pointedly at Brandi, "Mamaaaaaaah!"
The remainder of the show was nothing short of perfect, and I'd like to apologize now to anyone who was within earshot of me singing along like a mad person. I just really do love her music. One of my favorite moments in the crowd was when it came to the trio covering the Avett Brother's "Murder in the City" and I was next to a group of people and we just shouted and sang the line at the end, "Always remember there is nothing worth sharing like the love that lets us share our name."
Brandi Springfest WM-32Brandi Springfest WM-32
Many people have asked me why I love music in the complex way that I do, and the best way that I can explain it is this: we all have our outlets, some people run, some people go to therapy, and I listen to music with lyrics that heal me in whatever way I feel broken at that moment in time. Some types of music is only good for sadness, or heartbreak, or roadtrip joy. Brandi Carlile for me, is there through it all. I have had several friends recently thank me for turning them onto Brandi and the Twin's music, and I hope by my sharing this Springfest experience with you, maybe she will have a few more new fans.
So thank you for reading this and until next time,
"These stories don't mean anything when you've got no one to tell them to, it's true..."
Upcoming full Springfest gallery will be on my site very soon!
To see Brandi Carlile's gallery: CLICK HERE
Please view my black and white collection here "Spirit of Springfest"
With Love,
Jenn Ross


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