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Lori & Fredrik Wedding | Jenn Ross Photography | Luleå, Sweden

November 14, 2017  •  3 Comments

Lori och Fredrik Bröllop

19, August 2017

Luleå, Sweden


I am lucky to say this is not the first wedding I have photographed in Sweden, but my second! The first was from researching photographers in Göteborg, in hopes of working there one day myself, and finding a wonderful photographer named Oskar Allerby (Hej! Du är underbart! Tack för arbetet!) The second wedding however, is special in many ways. Well for one: the bride is my cousin! Her husband? The man she herself as well as friends and family the world over lovingly called "The Boyfriend" for many years, going all the way back to ten years ago in San Francisco. I had the pleasure of meeting Fredrik when they both lived in California and I instantly knew he was special. It would take a man like this humble Swede to nail down a woman like Lori Astrid! Having Swedish roots herself, I can see why she fell in love with Fredrik. She soon followed him to the most wonderful place in the world, Sweden. During this time, this yoga-teaching-neonatologist-multilingual badass established herself in a foreign country, and not without difficulty. I visited these two many times over the years: when it was cold, dark and miserable and when it was sunny, warm and delightful. I had seen her struggle with Swedish, then struggle with NURSING in Swedish, but there was one thing about her: SHE NEVER QUIT. She spent so much time away from her family to create a life on the other side of the world with the man I'm pretty sure we all knew would one day be her husband! Hard work pays off, her Swedish became fluent, she has nurtured many loving friendships with some incredible women and even has her own yoga business teaching pre-natal yoga to soon-to-be mothers! I mean, is there anything these two can't do? I haven't even mentioned yet that Fredrik is an engineer and a Professor at Chalmers University in Göteborg. Seriously, if you look up power couple in the dictionary, it would be Lori and Fredrik. 


Their wedding took place in Luleå, in the far north of Sweden, where Fredrik and his family are from and many still live. His parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece and nephews have all become friends of mine, and we love them! We've gone bowling, had many delicious dinners out, hung out on the farm and called the sheep for dinner. They even patiently teach me Swedish, and it's going okay! Lori and Fredrik married in the old church town, or Gammelstads kyrkstad, in a 15th century chapel called Nederluleå Kyrka. This is the same church in which his entire family has married. It is part of the World Heritage site with more than 400 tiny cottages that belong to many families that are passed down through generations. We were even given a tour as part of the wedding the day prior!


The wedding was so special, and in Swedish, but it didn't matter to us, it was still beautiful! Their reception was downtown and their friends were in total from over ten countries! There were so many wonderful speeches, and slideshows and beautiful music by Signe, our friend's lovely and talented daughter. We drank, laughed, danced and shared a day so special that the photos don't really do it justice. But you can take a look for yourself below, I hope you enjoy!



A special thanks to Marcus & Jörgen for being kickass Toastmasters, Therése and Maria for the bachelorette party, Barbro and Bertil for hosting us in their farmhouse, Uncle Sonny for the toast via video for Lori, and Aunt Elaine and my sister Diana for flying together with me so Lori could have some NSB love at the wedding!

Tusen tack till min kära kusin Lori och min ny bror, Fredrik! Jag älskar dig, så jättemycket för tillåta mig att fotograf din bröllop! Grattis!


Donna Boggan(non-registered)
A big congratulations to you Jenn for such a beautiful story written for an incredible couple whom we all adore and love. Thank you for sharing.
Donna Boggan(non-registered)
OMG!what beauty and extraordinary event. So elegant,so Royal. A beautiful ballerina and her Prince. Incredible photos Jenn!
I’m in tears here. I am just at a loss for words (for once). Thank you dear kusin for your beautiful words, beautiful photos, and all the help you offered in the days leading to as well as on our wedding day. You captured our day so perfectly. It meant so much to have you all there with me. Love you so very much!!!!!
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