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👋🏻 Hello there! Thank you for coming to my site to learn more about why I love photography. I'm Jenn, the owner and person who will be photographing all your special occasions and furry friends!

Photography entered my life when I was 15 years old. I was photographing on an old Minolta 35 mm that my parents gave me for Christmas. I learned photography in high school, and the few times I'd miss class, you could likely find me hiding in the darkroom developing prints from my negatives. Yes, I am "that year's old"!

Freshly graduated from high school, I had an incredible, life-changing internship in New York City with Atlantic Records. After that, I studied photography in college. Before graduating, I began working with wedding photographers who taught me how to photograph weddings and work in some pretty intense high-volume types of situations. This taught me A LOT.

Move forward a decade, and I am still loving my job! I get to meet new people all the time, learn about their lives, their cultures and what's important to them. These are the connections that make this job worth it 100 percent. And as a huge lover of music, I frequently photograph live concerts and a dream of mine is to tour with a band or work with them directly managing their digital content.

And now: Welcome to 2024! I am planning this year to take my photography in a new direction, offering my past and future clients a whole new experience! Pet portraits! Yes, that is correct, if you have a furry best friend, I am your person! I absolutely adore animals (almost more than people!). I am forever a Cat Lady, but I also love dogs too. Why can't we be both?! I have been thinking of ways to showcase the importance of the four-legged companions that rule our lives. If you would like to have beautiful portraits of your pets hanging on your walls, let's get something on the books! I will be donating 10-15% of all my sessions to different shelters each month!


Jenn has received her Associate of Science degree with Honors in Photographic Technology from Daytona State College and  is currently working in Central Florida where she can be seen photographing live concerts, weddings and various social and corporate events. She has recently become a member of PPA, the Professional Photographers of America and has a goal of becoming certified in the coming years!

Photo Courtesy of PB & J Studios

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